Review of The Drug King – A Movie Review

“The Drug King” was a movie that I saw as I waited for The DaVinci Code to be released. As a lover of the first two films, I knew that I was going to love this one. I figured that someone who had not seen either would be a great candidate to comment on the film. It can sometimes be difficult to find something new in a theater filled with action, dramas, comedy flicks, thrillers and many other genres. However, in this case, The Drug King makes an excellent choice. It has a compelling story as well as great acting and some truly bizarre characters.

It’s set in contemporary Japan, and the hero, played by Hidehiko Yamane is an innocent Japanese man who turns into a powerful and vicious drug lord. The acting is universally great and there’s a fascinating storyline in all. But it is so frequently lost in hitting upon the same old, overused characters, a lack of plot developments, and uninteresting twists. If this movie wanted to stand out from the action-filled summer films it would benefit from a stronger plot and more unique characters.

The movie moves quickly through the action, with little or no buildup. There aren’t brightly colored characters, spooky locations, colorful costumes, Chinese mysticism or martial arts rituals. The action scenes are monotonous and the only thing that seem to change from scene to scene is Kim’s hairstyles and her clothes. The movie simply has too many boring scenes and ad-hoc activities. From the drug lord’s machinations to the victims of his crimes to the mandatory police meetings and inter-office politics, the movie pretty much revolves around the trade in drugs and the only thing that is different from scene to scene is the color scheme of the uniforms that the characters wear.

The star of the movie, aside from Kim Dong-cheon (Chin Na-young) is the actress Doo-sam. Doo-sam plays Kim the brilliant drug lord who rises to the top of the pyramid in the Korean peninsula. moviefree8k Kim is a brilliant tactician and a very intelligent man as well as an expert planner and ambitious planner. He is a master of manipulation, and he intends to use the power of fear to achieve his goals and objectives. But, at the same time he loves his daughter, Onmyo (Choi Hong-Sul) and wants to protect her. The movie focuses on how power corrupts and why loyalty matters more than wealth in a country controlled by the drug trade.

Kim is also a brutal and ambitious gangster whose past has been kept from Onmyo. She is very upset that her husband is missing and she suspects him of being involved in the drug trade. Doo-sam is also competing with Bum-shing, a drug lord who wants to take control of the lucrative drug trade. When the two battle it out on the drug turf The police find out that Kim and his associates have also arranged a meeting with Yoo-jung, the Chinese drug Yoo-jung, the lord of the drug trade.

When the Chinese learn that Doo-sam and Yoo-jung have been collaborating they attempt to stop them, but are defeated by the great officers of the Korean National Police Force (KNPF). Soon they discover that Doo-sam’s men also kidnapped and took the KNPF chief’s daughter to their secret hideout. The KNPF decides to raid the compound and rescue the girl. Doo-san also realizes that the drug king also obtained some powerful weapons, and decides to make use of them against the Koreans. The movie ends with a shoot-out between NPF and Doo-san’s gangs.

This film depicts the lives of two different characters which highlight the constantly changing culture of Korea. The first scene depicts the drug king with his gang enjoying a barbecue while the helicopter hovers over. The Chinese restaurant in the background displays their lengthy traditional Chinese meals while Doosam and Yoo-jung eat together for dinner. It is interesting that the helicopters in the background are actually Korean helicopters, which are used in military operations.

This film is not suitable intended for people who enjoy action scenes or superheroes. Although the film contains a number of action sequences, it’s mostly a story of two characters that are different and come to be caught in the middle of an internal struggle for power. Many films have a similar plot structure. The storyline was not as complicated as I had expected because it wasn’t written as a screenplay. Overall, it is an acceptable film from Korea but not as good as other favorites like the Replacements and Meet the Parents.